Thursday, March 29, 2012

Water Feature for the "The Grove at Shrewsbury"

Georgia is just finishing the clay work for a water feature to be installed this Spring at "The Grove at Shrewsbury", an interesting shopping/living community development in Shrewsbury, PA ( The owners were excited by the "Water Frolic" installation at the University Village in Seattle and commissioned Georgia to create a similarly joyful and interactive sculpture.

For this piece Georgia wanted the figures to fit the stones closely and naturally, so we needed to have the stones in the studio for the sculpting phase. To overcome the problem of weight, we worked with Turnstone Construction to have the stones created in cement, which leaves them hollow and much lighter. This will also make the plumbing, shipping, and installation a lot easier. We have worked with Turnstone on a number of projects in the past, including work at the Woodland Park Zoo, where they created many of the naturalized displays. You can see their work at

The rods in the figures mouths indicate direction of the water spouts, which will be flowing in constant streams and converging on and around the ducklings in the center. the streams will be tall enough for small children to run under - making a sort of circular tunnel under the water flow.

The fountain will be incorporated into an existing walkway, with red brick pavers as the final surface. The water will end up flowing into a grate behind the ducklings and recirculate.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seal Twist installed at The Village, Cannon Beach, Oregon

At the end of February we installed the Seal Twist at "The Village" a newly renovated area on the Main Street of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Here are a few photos and the press release written by Joyce Lincoln of the Northwest By Northwest Gallery, who represents us in Cannon Beach. As long as we're taking about the town, we would like to thank the Tolovana Inn for their continuing support of the arts. They have been very generous to us in our many trips to our favorite business destination.

Bronze sculptor Georgia Gerber is pictured with "Seal Twist" at The Village in downtown Cannon Beach. Believing public art transforms public spaces, the newly remodeled village center makes a commitment to Public Art creating an inviting courtyard gathering place for visitors in a village environment. This is Georgia Gerber's second public sculpture in Cannon Beach. She is the winner of the 2010 Sculpture Without Walls public choice vote for her Tufted Puffins. She is known for Rachel the Pike Place Pig & twenty six sculptures depicting Oregon Wildlife in downtown Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square. Georgia Gerber is represented by Northwest By Northwest Gallery in Cannon Beach. This installation of public art marks one more step in the remodeling process of  The Village. Anchor businesses include Cannon Beach Treasure Co., Coastal Yarns & Seasons Cafe with a new "surprise" business opening soon.

Robert and April Knecht from the Cannon Beach Treasure Company - a business in The Village