Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow Hare and the Enlargement Process

We are in the middle of producing two versions of Georgia's latest work, "Snow Hare". The original clay sculpture is relatively life-size. We took that model to a company in Wilsonville, Oregon, ( where it was digitally scanned. Using that information, a computer controlled cutting machine carved an enlarged version out of foam.

Back in the studio, Georgia applied about 1/4" of clay over the foam, then sculpted the entire surface, recapturing detail and texture. Once complete, we took the piece to the foundry we have been working with in Eugene for many years (, where a mold is being made. We should see the first of the bronze castings by Spring.

Meanwhile, Randy has molded the original life-size version, and we hope to cast the first of that size in the next couple weeks.

Scroll Down to see the larger version in Foam.

Snow Hare (Shown in Clay)
2012 / Edition of 15
12"H x 14"W x 8"D

Snow Hare (Enlarged Foam)
32" H x 37"W x 23"D
Edition of 15

Additive Workshop Rendering to help us
visualize scale before making enlargement 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Video of Bronze Casting in Our Foundry

This video was made by Brackenwood Gallery, who represents Georgia in Langley, Washington. You can see it on YouTube, or on Georgia's page on the Gallery Website:

Article in Cannon Beach Gazette

Award winning sculptor in Cannon Beach with new pieces
The Cannon Beach Gazette
Award winning sculptor Georgia Gerber was in town last Saturday delivering new large bronze pieces to Northwest by Northwest Gallery, including "Arctic Hare ...