Friday, October 28, 2011

Woodinville Fields Installation

Installation at the Woodinville Sports Complex went well yesterday. This sculpture was commissioned by the Woodinville Garden Club and the City of Woodinville. It is located at the SW corner of the fields, on 131st Ave NE. We'll add photos of the completed installation as they become available.

Though it would be more interesting to leave the sculpture exposed
during the trip, we always cover the pieces so as to not distract
other drivers.

The City supplied the lifting equipment, in this case a large
backhoe. The weight of the sculpture is about 550 lbs.

The sculpture was bolted to a platform to secure it for the
final finish and the trip to the site.

Virginia and Randy removing the bolts. The City had
poured the concrete sitework about two weeks earlier.

Arlo was helpful, as always.

Drilling installation holes into the concrete slab.

Screwing in the 1 1/8" Stainless installation
rods. More photos to come soon.