Friday, September 11, 2020

Catching Up - New Work and Recent News

Due to our Web Master semi-retiring and a strange year of health concerns coupled with pandemic madness we have not updated our site nor posted on Social media for a long while. But we are back to healthy and inspiration is returning. An entirely new website is well underway and we hope to launch before the holidays set in.

Our present website is still limping along and will be updated soon, but this longish post is meant to serve as a review of my work and related events over the last year or so. More photos are available on request.

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We wish everyone good health and look forward to keeping things more up to date from here on.

Georgia and Randy

Latest Sculpture

Kitty Kitty
2020 / Edition of 15
13"H x 12"W x 9"D

Spring Robin
2020 / Edition of 25
9"H x 10"W x 6"D





Roxy (Havenese)
2020 / Edition of 15
Life Size
The first casting of Roxy was recently
installed in the new Central Courtyard
at the University Village in Seattle


Owls on Wall
2019 / Edition of 15
19"H x 16"W x 6"D



Ayock Otters
A series of otters commissioned for a bulkhead at the tip of Ayock Point, on the Hood Canal (an arm of Puget Sound). The grouping comprises three new sculptures and the 

Ayock Otter (Stretching)
2019 / Edition of 15 
Life Size

Ayock Otter (Twisted)
2019 / Edition of 15
Life Size

Ayock Otter (with Flounder)
2019 / Edition of 15
Life Size

Twosome Two 
Shown in Clay
2017 / Edition of 15
8"H x 12"W x 8"D

A variation of my original "Twosome" commissioned and sculpted in 2017 but to be released soon as an Edition.

"Hope" the Wishing Whale

A year and half long project, this 12' Gray Whale was the vision of a group of Art and Civic Supporters in the town of Langley, here on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Both Gray and Orca Whales visit the waterfront, and there is a park with a bell that anyone can ring to alert others that whales are present. The "Langley Art Fund" group undertook all of the private fund raising as well as slogging through the abyss of State shoreline management and City permitting in order to gift the sculpture to the town.
The sculpture also serves to collect donations for upkeep of the park and the support of marine mammal education through the Langley Whale Center. There are slots in Hope's blowholes to insert coins, which funnel down to ring a bell we cast which rings as the coins drop onto it.
The Everett Herald ran a story this week about the project.

     Photo by Don Wodjenski


Installation Day with the Langley Art Fund Crew

Hip Hop at Woodin Creek Village

These dancing Rabbits were recently installed at the main Public Plaza of this new Urban Village in Woodinville, Washington. The concept features retail stores and restaurants on the first floor of the buildings. An interesting approach is the use of different architectural firms for each of the various apartment complexes in order to present diverse presentations on a central theme.












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